Episode 4! Wholesaling,Flipping, Holding & Virtual Investing with Parker Stiles of Barrington Acquisitions!

In Episode 4 of Maven Realty Presents: Charleston Real Estate Investors Podcast, we sit down and chat with Parker Stiles of Barrington Acquisitions about quite a few aspects of real estate investing. Parker is a long time friend and client, so we’re super excited to have him visit us to chat. He just so happened to be in town from Atlanta this week, so we were pleased to pick his brain. Parker wears a lot of hats in the real estate business. He’s able to be very productive in his markets and out of area markets because he has figured out how to systemize his business in order to operate virtually from wherever he chooses. Whether that means living in Colorado briefly, on vacation or back home in Georgia, he’s capable to running a successful wholesaling, rehabbing and buy & hold business thanks to his systems and processes. I think our listeners will really enjoy this one!

Episode 3! Flipping, Wholesaling and More with Rubi Tinoco of MegaFox Properties!

In Episode 3, we talk to Rubi Tinoco of MegaFox properties. Rubi is an investor whose primary focus is flips, but she also wholesales frequently and purchases buy and hold properties. Rubi has a construction background, which led her to flipping mobile homes until she had the capital to transition to single families. She consistently has great success with her rehabs and usually has a handful going at any time in various stages of the buy to sell cycle. To find out more about Rubi, please visit www.megafoxproperties.com.

Episode 2! Wholesaling and More with Russ Scheider

In Episode 2 we discuss some of the wholesaling niche of real estate with a mentor of mine, Russ Scheider. He's a wealth of knowledge, supreme networker and all around fun dude. He does a bit of everything in real estate, but really excels at assigning contracts, as well as coaching with Clear Vision Coaching. Maven Realty and Clear Vision Coaching partnering on a nationally syndicated REI program that we will share with our listeners as soon as we have details.

Episode 1! An Intro to the Show

We have a brand new podcast!!! Troy Gandee (BIC) and Dan Rivers (Eco-Friendly Realtor) with Maven Realty have started a new podcast dedicated to all things real estate and real estate investing in the Charleston area. This is our first episode, so please bear with us as we learn the ropes! This first episode is mostly introductory, but future episodes will release every couple of weeks and will often feature a guest who will blow you away with their knowledge and experience. Please subscribe in the iTunes Store!