"How to BUY a House: An Informative Guide," by Troy Franklin Gandee

I wrote a short eBook for my clients to explain some of the major components and steps involved when buying a home. The aim of this book is to prepare those who are ready to purchase by explaining the crucial aspects of the process. Each and every transaction is different, but this book is meant to be an educational guide to help buyers maximize their success and efficiency by knowing what to expect before they begin the journey. I offer the book on Amazon and iBooks for $0.99. 

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I also offer this book FOR FREE to anyone who is considering buying in the Charleston area. My hope in doing this is that you will request my assistance in representing you on the purchase of the home. I highly recommend that you find yourself a great Realtor before you begin this process and I would be absolutely thrilled to be the one to assist you in purchasing (or selling) your home. All I ask is that you give me your basic information and a brief message to let me know how far into the process you are and what you may be hoping to find. You will receive the book automatically and I will be reaching out to you in the following days. You can unsubscribe to my emails at any time and accepting a free copy of the book does not obligate you to anything whatsoever. I just want to help! Please enter your information in the form below to receive a link to download a free PDF copy of this book and let me know if you have any questions or concerns! I look forward to speaking to you.

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