Episode 6! Troy and Dan Discuss a 5 Unit SFD Portfolio They're Buying

This episode is a little different. We don’t have a guest this time. Dan is planning a wedding and Troy was out of town for a wedding, so we’re going solo. We actually plan to do this from time to time. We have an incredible pool of guests to choose from , but small business owners are busy, so there will be schedule conflicts from time to time. We also don’t want to schedule too many guests sequentially that do similar stuff in our industry. So, in this episode, Troy and Dan discuss a 5 unit portfolio of single family homes they’re in the process of purchasing. They current surpass the 1% rule and have a lot of room to improve. This is the type of deal that’s not too terribly hard to find right now (as opposed to small apartments) and there are a lot of financing options for properties like this. All 5 units have been occupied, but require a little tweaking. Fortunately, we were able to leverage the seller to improve the performance of these properties before we even take possession. I think most of our intermediate investors will get a few nuggets from this one!