2015 --> 2016

2015 has been a pretty great year for me.  I’ve been very, very busy. We closed 2 rehabs last year, which should have been more, but we got tripped up on one. We have one selling in a couple of weeks. The buyer’s lender just found an issue with her credit, so hopefully it will be resolved. We have just picked up another a couple of weeks ago and I’m hoping for a quick turn around on that one. and we’ve just picked up I’m hoping to get through 4 this year.

On the Realtor side, I’ve had a really good year. I’ve closed 15 transactions (which is quite a lot for an individual without assistance at a small brokerage). I have another 3 in escrow that should be closing in the next few weeks. I’m sure that my business will just continue to grow and I am lined up to start my broker courses and exam in March. I would definitely like to increase my number of transactions and productivity next year.

Throughout 2015, I was able to get two properties myself for rental property purposes. Each of these, I have needed to do the work and then live in them briefly. The first house is now leased out and is performing pretty well for me. The second is the home that Rachel and I currently live in, but it will be leased out as soon as we move on to our next property. My hope is to pick up at least one rental property per year.

One of the most important steps in entrepreneurship and personal development is goal setting. I admit that I am pretty lax at setting physical goals. I keep mine in my head and they change too often. This year, I am going to take goals very seriously. In fact, the rest of the morning will be spent writing them down and making them realistic and achievable, yet challenging and worthwhile.

If you or anyone you know is in need of a Realtor, let me know! I would be my pleasure to help you with your real estate needs.

Thank you,

Troy Franklin Gandee